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In 2014 Rich Cooper launched a YouTube channel mashing up his passion for entrepreneurship and cars.The original concept of interviewing entrepreneurs in their success rides, and share their stories of trials and tribulations that led them to excellence. A few years later and the after taking the red pill, with The Unplugged Alpha podcast and Playing to Win podcast, Richards channel has become a runaway underground hit with 250+ million views and 1,000,000+ subscribers by helping men understand the truth about money, self-care and intersexual dynamics.

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The Unplugged Alpha


The world’s greatest, most thought-provoking podcast, that unplugs you from comforting lies, with the cold hard truth. Building on the bestselling “The Unplugged Alpha” book, one podcast at a time. Watch The Unplugged Alpha podcast live every Monday night at 8pm EST, and take call in questions from viewers. To call in and ask a question, subscribe to the channel, and watch live. The instructions are provided during each live show. Anyone can call in and ask a question.

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Playing to Win


Playing to Win podcast explains why every person is better off playing to win rather than playing not to lose in every aspect of life.

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