Rich Cooper

“I have tremendous respect for Rich Cooper. He has the courage to speak his truths on many subjects.Rich and i are on the same team fighting for our freedom of speech.And that takes courage… especially today.”

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Robert Kiyosaki

“To navigate life in a way that will allow you to achieve your maximum potential it’s crucial to implement the strategies that Rich has worked tirelessly to develop through years of research and personal experience. I can honestly say my life is much better since discovering him a few years ago. Now, I refer my closest friends (and their sons) to Rich because I truly believe it will benefit them the same way it’s benefited me.”


George Gammon

“Richard is very intelligent. Pragmatic. Able to see the “big picture”. No BS. If you listen to Richard, and if you are willing to do the work and make good decisions, you will likely reduce the chance that you will end up in family court.”


Jonathan C. Noble, Esquire

“Rich gives insightful and practical advice that helps masculine men navigate and prosper in the modern-day West. In short, do the work.”

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Charles Yee

“Rich takes a no-nonsense approach to helping motivated and driven individuals get the best out of themselves and out of life. If you’re willing to do the work the amount of value you’ll receive in return is exponential.”

Renegade Wingman

“Rich offers valuable mentoring in business, relationships and life, as well as a community of successful and experienced men where you can get practical advice on any important topic.”


Mikel Telleria Mujika

“Practical advice, no BS, exaggeration, or filler. He has helped me immensely on my quest to be a 1% man.”

Brian Individual

Brian Buffington

“Rich Cooper and his tribe of men have saved my life. I went from hating myself to having self-respect and options with women. Couldn’t have done it alone.”

Alexander Knight

“Rich cuts through the B.S. and gets right to the core of an issue. He’s helped me a lot, and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”


Vic Holterman

“Rich is the genuine article. His no-BS approach is helping guys level up.”


Brian Hult

“Richard is someone who takes the hollistic approach to male development. What differs him most from other people: he doesn’t preach what he says, he lives it and cuts the BS, just straight facts.”


“Rich offers the cold hard truth that helps men face reality and level up. His business skills are supreme, and I’m honored to be a part of his forum.”


Peter Elias Holmquist

“Rich has made me take full accountability of my life, face reality and focused me to leave a dent in this universe.”


Matthew Birtch

“Richard saved my life twice over. His wisdom and no-nonsense advice helped me understand my situation and gain clarity over what I needed to do. You’re going to be much better off following his free advice than you will by following other’s paid advice.”

Dragos F. Stefanescu

“Richard has made it his life mission to help others. He is a person that has “been there and done that. If you’re willing to listen and put his actionable wisdom into practice then you certainly have a competitive advantage in all facets of life.”


Nathan Dunn